The urgent help in writing dissertation abstract by professionals in their area

The author’s abstract is a document without which the dissertation cannot be admitted to the defense. In this regard, the author’s abstract is understood as a legal document. Only with obtaining permission to make copies of the author’s abstract, the applicant obtains the right to defend the thesis, ie. Preparation of the author’s abstract, in fact, the last and most responsible stage of work on the thesis is being completed. The importance of the author’s abstract as a document is also that according to the data mentioned in it, one judges the level of the dissertation and the scientific qualification of its author, including his ability to formalize the results of his scientific work.

Basic functions of the dissertation abstract

The dissertation abstract performs the following functions:

informational – informs the readers about the structure of the dissertation, the relevance of the subject matter being developed, the subject, the object, the purpose and objectives of the research, the personal contribution of the author to the development of the research problem;

indicative – describes the methods developed by the author;

signal – notifies that the dissertation is prepared and is available in the library at the place of work of the dissertation council about where and when its protection will take place, who of the scientists will act as opponents on the dissertation;

familiarizing – is a source for obtaining reference data on the conducted scientific research and the results obtained;

cognitive – gives an idea of the scientific potential of the author.

The selection of the main materials for the abstract is due to the target orientation of the author’s abstract and the dissertation.

Help in writing the dissertation abstract

In the structure of the dissertation abstract, it is appropriate to select the following sections:

I. General characteristics of the work.

II. The main provisions of the dissertation that are put on defense.

III. Conclusions and recommendations.

IV. List of works in which the main findings of the dissertation are published.

General characteristic of the dissertation abstract

In this section, it is desirable to reflect the following positions:

The relevance of research;

degree of problem development;

purpose and objectives of the study;

subject and object of research;

methodological, theoretical and empirical basis of research;

scientific results to be defended;

scientific novelty of research results;

theoretical and practical significance of the work;

compliance of the dissertation with the passport of a scientific specialty;

approbation and implementation of research results;


The structure (table of contents) of the dissertation.

The relevance of research in dissertation abstract

Any abstract begins with a substantiation of the relevance of the research problem, which allows us to judge the depth of the author’s understanding of the problem of his own research and, accordingly, the quality of the research performed.

When justifying the relevance of the study, you can stop at the following points:

New conditions and prerequisites, which determine the actuality of the phenomenon under study now;

coverage of this problem in official documents;

the requests of the society, which can be satisfied with the solution of this problem;

coverage of the issue in the scientific literature;

scientific problems with which the research problem is related;

the needs of science, which can be satisfied with the solution of this problem;

substantiation of the problem from the perspective of the development of other sciences;

the reasons why the problem is currently becoming topical;

the reasons why this problem attracts the attention of practitioners;

needs of practice that can be met by solving this problem;

available achievements, which should be summarized and analyzed.

Justification of the relevance of the research problem can be carried out using different approaches. Extremely important is the multidimensional nature of the evidence of relevance, the applicant’s attempt to consider the urgency of the selected problem from different perspectives.

Degree of the problem development in dissertation abstract

In this section, it should be indicated, in the works of which authors were investigated the questions mentioned in the dissertation. Based on this review, it is necessary to single out the unexplored aspects of the problem, to which the problem posed in the dissertation should also relate.

Here it is necessary to list the local and foreign scholars who dealt with this problem in various perspectives, as well as its modern researchers, indicate insufficiently developed points and distortions due to the weak awareness of the topic in the domestic literature, if any. To substantiate the reference to this topic can be, for example, insufficient in-depth research or an abundance in the foreign literature of an unknown national scientific community of material on it that should be introduced into scientific circulation.