Dissertation and the diploma project

Degree of seriousness of attitude to the topic and format of the submission of material and the regulation of these moments determines the main differences. The dissertation as a scientific work in contrast to the diploma as a teaching work should demonstrate the degree of independence of the scientist and his qualifications. The qualification study differs from the diploma on the following parameters:

To work for the degree of a candidate, you need to write 200-250 pages, for the humanities, such as jurisprudence or history, there is a difference, they should be slightly larger;

Number of sources. The required number – 200-300 sources for the dissertation work and 50-100 for the diploma, more than for the abstract, but less than necessary to achieve a significant value for discipline, the diploma gives a general idea of the topic, and not an important study;

Style. The writing of a dissertation requires the use of a high scientific style;

The necessity of mandatory introduction of the results of the Ph.D. thesis, for humanitarian or legal topics it is possible to confirm their theoretical value for colleagues;

Procedure of approbation. The results should be preliminarily stated in the articles;

The requirement for compulsory preparation of the necessary author’s abstract;

The important difference is the procedure of protection, if for the diploma it’s a formality, for the candidate it is the necessary part of the work.

The difference is quite large when the applicant is studying in graduate school, he doesn’t always realize the complexity of the task before him, doesn’t know how difficult his project will be written. It is an independent kind of scientific work, in which a specialist who has completed a master’s degree, proves his right to be called a master.

If a Ph.D. is a scientific degree, then the receipt of the title of master says only about the successful completion of the second stage of higher education.

The order of protection differs, it isn’t required to do this on the dissertation council, it is protected, like the diploma, in the educational institution itself. There are also no requirements for the availability of articles and other mandatory preliminary activities.