An essay. Advices to writing

It has long been known that this kind of easily accessible manner of presentation as an essay is used to assess the author’s personality, his feelings, the degree of individuality of his thoughts, as well as his outlook. The essay in no way depends on the amount of knowledge or on the subject of research.

The main aim of the essay is to move away from the framework, the predominance of associations, over logic. If it is difficult for you to keep within the solid framework of the abstract, or in any given structure, a free form of essay is for you.

If you have difficulties, where to start and how to proceed in the future, let’s look at several stages.

The theme of the essay is chosen or received from the teacher, but if you are faced with a free choice of topic, the main that you need to remember is that the theme of the essay is intended to disclose not only the definitions of concepts, its purpose is to encourage reflection. The free theme is wonderful because you are given the opportunity to reveal yourself and share with people what interests and surprised you,  made you look differently at people and the world. If you were given a free subject for writing an essay, you were given free paths of revealing yourself.

Sometimes, to write your own, unique essay requires processing, analysis of someone else’s text or thoughts. To work with the text, we suggest to address three simple rules:

First of all, select the desired passage from the large text, which, undoubtedly, will shorten the field of activity and, of course, the full time of writing the essay.

Then follows briefly (without distorting the author’s thoughts) to write down or verbally retell the selected passage of the text.

And the final stage, to compose from such kinds of passages, your own text for your verbal response, or written work.

These simple steps will not only help you learn all the necessary techniques, but also teach you how to save your thoughts.